Trafomatic Audio Experience Reference 300b

Trafomatic Audio Experience Reference 300b




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Output power: 15 watts
Class of operation: Single-ended class A
Tubes complement (per mono): 2 x 300B , 1 x ECC99 , 1 x EZ80 (EZ81), 1 x 5U4G
Input: 1 x RCA
Output: 4 and 8-ohm 5-way speaker binding posts
Input sensitivity: 2.5Vrms
THD: 0.35% @ 1W/1kHz; 0.85% @ 15W/1kHz
Bandwidth: 10Hz(  -0.2dB) to 110kHz (-3dB)
S/N Ratio: 80dB
Input impedance: 100 kohm
Input voltage: 230V (100-120-220-240V available by request)
Power consumption (per mono): 200VA
Size: 320 x 500 x 170 mm
Weight: 20kg per mono

Experience Reference 300B monoblocks – Tube Mono Power Amplifier

The world’s greatest amplifiers? The Experience 300B monos by Trafomatic Audio are the company’s first statement amplifier and truly formidable to behold. They are beautifully handcrafted in piano gloss lacquer over wood and laid out such as to provide the shortest paths between components. With oversized output transformers finished in an attractive gold finish, the Experience Reference amplifiers continue the Trafomatic Audio tradition of producing tube audio which qualifies as true works of art. Stunning!

The monoblocks run JJ ECC99s specifically developed as 300B drivers and Trafomatic’s new toroidal filter chokes. Each amp houses an epoxy resin-potted 10kg/22lb double C-core output transformer, three toroidal filter chokes and an interstage transformer for 7 transformer/chokes per amplifier. There also are WBT connectors and Teflon tube sockets; a black piano finish with gold transformer cases; and twin tube rectifiers (1 x 5U4G and 1 x EZ81) to output 15 watts RMS from a pair of paralleled direct-heated 300B triodes.

Sonically, the Reference mono amplifiers present a grand palette of musical textures in classic single-ended triode fashion. Bass is tight and dominant when called for and the midrange expectedly glorious while the airy treble really does extend into the stratosphere. Imaging is superbly holographic and the soundstage vastly layered and wide. While sonics are stunning, they don’t interfere with the music so embedded emotions are naturally expressed and the listener is triggered. Amazing! The reference monos are dynamic amplifiers with a firm grip on the beat to convincingly portray musical motion and  faithfully capture how live music flows over time. The reference monos recover plenty of detail, provide very good articulation of vocals, produce a large sense of space and build their virtual stage on rock-solid imaging.

Pure and elegant in design, circuit minimalism with very high quality parts preserves the primal qualities of reproduced sound and opens up new dimensions for the playback experience. Hear for yourself!


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