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909 Stereo Power Amplifier
The 909 Stereo Power Amplifier incorporates Quad’s patented current dumping technology and is one of the finest audio amplifiers available today. The current dumping technique eliminates many of the problems associated with transistor amplifiers giving a consistent and predictable performance without a need for the fine tuning adjustments on the production line. In current dumping amplifiers there is a very high quality low power output amplifier and a very high power output amplifier whose performance is not critical. This high power output amplifier controls the loudspeaker at all times and provides the current or ‘muscle’ to generate the sound. The low power output amplifier is arranged to generate a signal that compensates for errors between the input signal, and the signal fed to the loudspeakers. The result is that the quality and accuracy of the output signal depends only upon the performance of the low power amplifier. In the Quad 909 this low power output amplifier has been engineered to the highest standards. The problems of crossover distortion; quiescent current adjustment; thermal tracking and transistor matching all disappear. If such a thing as a perfect amplifier were to exist, then the Quad 909 would be very close to that perfection

State of the art performance combined with unique operating features sets the Quad 99 Pre-Amplifier apart from competing products. The combination of universal phono-socket connectors and Quad Link inputs gives the ability to connect an almost unlimited number of sources, each with optimal matching. All inputs, including those for moving-coil and moving-magnet cartridges, have adjustable sensitivity. This flexibility also extends to the wide range of precise tone-control adjustments that can be made. In addition to the usual high-frequency filter, there are adjustments for the bass response, and the unique Quad ‘Tilt’ control which skews the entire frequency response to give a preferred tonal balance. The Quad 99 Pre-Amplifier is packed with technical innovation including noiseless solid state signal switching and digitally addressed analogue volume and balance controls. These track both left and right channels with a previously unattainable accuracy of better than 0.1dB.

CD-Player 99 CD-S
The 99 CD-S is a brand new model, offering a similar level of sound quality to the CD-P, but in a simple format. This model dispenses with the additional digital inputs and the variable output level of the full CD-P. Using a brand new transport, our own proprietory loading mechanism, control software and the most advanced decoding with the emphasis on reading data correctly, the CD-S produces a sensational performance without fuss. Mains powered and offered with standard RCA connector or with a ‘bus-link’ to be connected through a Quad pre-amplifier, the CD-S is as versatile as it is practical. When used with the ‘bus-link’ system, the CD player is operated through the system remote control (supplied with the preamplifier) and dovetails seamlessly into the system. Power triggers, system commands and balanced audio signals are all communicated through the bus system. The CD-S uses Crystal 24bit/96kHz DACs for a high resolution, detailed soundstage.

FM Tuner
In many countries FM radio still has the potential to provide the highest fidelity programme quality. The Quad 99 FM Tuner has been designed to make the best use of that potential. The UK has gained a world-wide reputation for the high-quality music broadcasts transmitted by the BBC, and as a result British manufacturers such as Quad have considerable experience in designing tuners that receive and reproduce music realistically. The Quad 99 FM Tuner incorporates that experience in full. The 99 FM Tuner and 99 CD Player are both connected to the rest of the system via our ‘Quad Link’ bus system, which combines complete system control with balanced line audio transmission. Not only does this make the entire system remarkably easy to control, but provides the cleanest audio signal possible.


Consonance Srl

Ricordo da bambino zia Maria a casa della nonna suonare con il Petrov Pianofortissimo di Carosone, un brano da virtuosi che lei eseguiva con naturalezza. L’idea di riprodurre la musica dal vivo in un luogo protetto come la casa di mia nonna mi ha spinto a fare di questa passione il mio lavoro. A 14 anni andai per la prima volta in un negozio di dischi, chiesi i Police e ascoltai Bring On The Night in un “Pioneer A400”: fu un momento indimenticabile, un rituale di iniziazione… Da qui è nata la mia passione: all’istituto agrario passavo ore tra i banchi di scuola ad immaginare come potesse suonare quel pezzo strappalacrime di Tracy Chapman, Baby can I hold you, con le casse di ultima generazione Yamaha. L’adolescenza l’ho passata costruendo o riparando amplificatori Marantz che trovavamo a casa di amici e parenti.A un certo punto con mio padre decidemmo di creare Consonance, per coniugare questa passione con il lavoro: e sono passati quasi 30 anni dal fatidico 21 aprile del 1991, quando aprimmo il primo negozio.

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