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The Pass Labs Aleph 3 is, by a good margin, the finest power amplifier I have ever had in my system. My tendency toward reviewing very affordable equipment defuses that statement quite a bit, but the Zen amplifier, my previous benchmark, sounds more extraordinary than one might expect. [It certainly did when I auditioned it in MK’s system.—Ed.] The Aleph 3 is finished in a way that few amplifiers are ever finished, from its physical layout to its circuit design, and especially its sound quality. Forgive me if I gush—I haven’t been converted by the heinous Single-Ended Cult members, I just love music. I positively dare all of you to go out and hear this amplifier for yourselves—even those who currently own much more expensive amps (heh-heh-heh).

As for the Aleph 3’s specific sound attributes, how about very dynamic? How about very neutral and very detailed? How about a spectacularly huge soundstage, with wonderful bloom around each instrument? How about involving pace and rhythm? Do these sound good?

If the Mark Levinson No.333 and the Quicksilver M-135 truly deserve their Stereophile Class A ratings in “Recommended Components” (and I assume that they do), then the Aleph 3 deserves an even higher rating than Class A. It sounded noticeably better than the other amps in most respects. On second thought, John Atkinson and the rest of the bigwigs down in Santa Fe aren’t going to be too thrilled about rearranging the whole power-amp section, so the Aleph 3 will probably have to settle for high Class A. I don’t think it will mind slumming around with those other amps that sound inferior, in the interest of preserving peace and harmony.

So three cheers for the Pass Aleph 3 for coming frighteningly close to sounding like the perfect amplifier. No, not like “a straight wire with gain,” but simply like air itself. When was the last time you heard air? What, you couldn’t hear the air at all? Well, it was most certainly there; you were just unable to notice it.

Listening to the Aleph 3 is like looking up at the night sky. The farther out you look among the stars at night, making a connection with the vast universe, the deeper into yourself you are able to see. With the Pass Aleph 3, a whole universe of sound is revealed, limited only by the quality of the recording and the rest of the system. The farther out you listen, making a connection with the musicians themselves, the deeper into your own heart you will be able to bring the humanity of the music.

Gain 20 dB
Freq. Response – 0.5 dB at 2 Hz, 100 KHz
Power Output 30 watts/ch 8 ohms
60 watts/ch 4 ohms
60 watts/ch 2 ohms
Maximum Output 23 volts, 8 amps
Distortion (1KHz) 0.2% @ 30 watts, 8 ohms
1% @ 60 watts, 4 ohms
1% @ 60 watts, 2 ohms
Input Impedance 23 Kohm
Damping factor 100
Crosstalk > -80 dB 20-20 KHz
Output Noise 500 uV unweighted
DC offset < 100 mv
Power Consumption 250 watts
Temperature 25 degrees C. above ambient
Dimensions 12 ” W x 12″ D x 6″ H
Shipping Weight 38 lb


Consonance Srl

Ricordo da bambino zia Maria a casa della nonna suonare con il Petrov Pianofortissimo di Carosone, un brano da virtuosi che lei eseguiva con naturalezza. L’idea di riprodurre la musica dal vivo in un luogo protetto come la casa di mia nonna mi ha spinto a fare di questa passione il mio lavoro. A 14 anni andai per la prima volta in un negozio di dischi, chiesi i Police e ascoltai Bring On The Night in un “Pioneer A400”: fu un momento indimenticabile, un rituale di iniziazione…

Da qui è nata la mia passione: all’istituto agrario passavo ore tra i banchi di scuola ad immaginare come potesse suonare quel pezzo strappalacrime di Tracy Chapman, Baby can I hold you, con le casse di ultima generazione Yamaha. L’adolescenza l’ho passata costruendo o riparando amplificatori Marantz che trovavamo a casa di amici e parenti.A un certo punto con mio padre decidemmo di creare Consonance, per coniugare questa passione con il lavoro: e sono passati quasi 30 anni dal fatidico 21 aprile del 1991, quando aprimmo il primo negozio.

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