DCS Scarlatti Master Clock

DCS Scarlatti Master Clock



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Scarlatti needs no introduction and since its launch has been the recipient of awards across the world for its extraordinary performance both in terms of objective measurements and the subjective musical experience it offers. Clocking is very important in an audio system because any timing errors that occur in the DAC will be converted directly into errors in the analogue output. Our DACs can act as the system master clock, but listening tests have shown that there is no substitute for a high-quality, dedicated master clock. Used as part of the Scarlatti digital audio playback system it improves on an already spectacular sound and takes it into an entirely new domain.

With a clock added to a dCS system images snap into sharper focus and the music displays a substantially greater sense of authority and power as well as, most importantly, offering noticeably higher resolution of detail. Scarlatti Master Clock is based on our professional studio master clocks and the highly successful Verona clock. All dCS Master Clocks are subjected to rigorous in-house testing and the crystal oscillators are pre-aged as well as being selected for long term stability. Scarlatti Master Clock now features an asynchronous USB input which allows direct connection of a PC, supporting high resolution audio. In this mode the Master Clock synchronises the audio by providing a feedback pipe to the PC/Mac.

The computer then is effectively locked to the Master Clock, which can have a much more accurate clock and much lower jitter. The Master Clock will automatically switch output clock frequency to match the incoming audio stream resulting in a simple yet extremely accurate performance. dCS equipment is designed to generate and accept industry standard Word Clock on 75 ohm co-axial cable. Other manufacturers’ equipment designed to accept standard Word Clock can be used with our clocks. Nonstandard clock formats must be assumed to be proprietary to that manufacturer. All of the Scarlatti products benefit from our ‘soft’ approach to programmable logic that allows new software to be loaded from a dCS update disc to add new features and adapt to changes in digital formats.


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Da qui è nata la mia passione: all’istituto agrario passavo ore tra i banchi di scuola ad immaginare come potesse suonare quel pezzo strappalacrime di Tracy Chapman, Baby can I hold you, con le casse di ultima generazione Yamaha. L’adolescenza l’ho passata costruendo o riparando amplificatori Marantz che trovavamo a casa di amici e parenti.A un certo punto con mio padre decidemmo di creare Consonance, per coniugare questa passione con il lavoro: e sono passati quasi 30 anni dal fatidico 21 aprile del 1991, quando aprimmo il primo negozio.

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