Burmester 970 SRC

Burmester 970 SRC




Burmester 970 SRC (Convertitore D/A con alimentazione esterna) in ottime condizioni senza imballo. Con accessori originali (cavo di collegamento all’alimentazione esterna –  telecomando – base originale Burmester in alluminio).

Burmester 970 SRC (D/A Converter with external Power Supply) –
Excellent conditions / Without original box. With remote and original Burmester aluminium base. 

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“A D/A Converter with a secure future (…) It sounds spectacular with beautiful musical flow and stable imaging.”
(“Stereoplay” magazine)

D/A Converter 970 SRC
The Reference-Line D/A Converter 970 SRC completes the Burmester Reference-Line CD Playback system. The 970 SRC in tandem with the 969 Reference-Line Belt-Drive Transport are the most uncompromising digital playback system on the world market today. In sound quality as well as technology they are far ahead of the competition. To the opinion of many reviewers, dealers and even our competitors the Transport / DA Converter tandem offers a clear alternative to the analog vinyl disc.

96kHz/24 bit upsampling / upconverting:
All incoming digital signals are upconverted to the 96kHz/24bit sampling rate by the Sample Rate Converter (SRC) of the 970 D/A Converter. This function can be activated by switching to the MAXRESO (Maximum Resolution Filter) which also switches the D/A Converters to the higher resolution rate. When using the 970 DAC in clock synchronization mode (SYNC mode) the clock frequency is determined by the 44.1kHz of the CD.

A short description of the SRC principle:
Raising the clock frequency from 44.1 kHz to 96 kHz creates additional bits which exceed the 16bit word length. These fractions are no longer rounded down to 16bit but instead are processed at the new 24bit word length. This extremely complex computation has been made possible through the use of the latest Digital Signal Processor (DSP). This nifty device allows a higher sampling rate (upsampling) and, at the same time, a greater word length (upconverting). Hence, with the SRC function’s higher resolution it is possible to digitally map the analog music signal much more accurately.

Precision oscillator:
The high-precision and ultra-stable oscillator provides the system clock not only for the D/A Converter 970 SRC, but also for the Transports 969 or 979 if they are connected via the supplied clock link cable. The oscillator is characterized by very high thermal stability and extremely low phase jitter. This clock-link feature which feeds the master-tact of the 980 SRC D/A Converter back to the CD-Transport, brings the Transports 969/979 to their peak performance.

Variable output:
Controls the volume of Power Amplifiers in 60 increments with a turning knob. The variable volume control is remote controllable with the remote control which is supplied with the 969 or 979 Transports.

Pulse refreshment in several stages of the 970 SRC:
The digital signal is re-clocked to the source pulse to reduce jitter to the technically feasible minimum.

Like all Burmester Reference-Line components the housing of the 970 SRC is manufactured from 3mm and 15mm thick aluminum plates in several chambers. The housing mass in connection with the tuned carbon fiber suspension in the proprietary aluminum base under the spiked housing feet effectively insulates the 970 SRC from mechanical vibrations and microphonic effects of any kind.

Power supply:
The external power supply of the 970 SRC has a filter capacitance of 116,000 mF. Steep-slope HF-filters provide extremely clean DC voltage. The various stages of the 970 SRC have been additionally insulated from the supply voltage.

Converter modules:
Fully-balanced D/A-conversion with four independent D/A-converter modules. Maximum resolution: 96kHz/24bit and any other format with lower sampling-rate and/or lesser resolution. An exclusive Burmester feature: The digital sections of the 970 SRC are balanced all the way through! (Burmester first employed this circuit design in 1991 in the D/A Converter 920). The modular design makes the 970 SRC upgradeable and futureproof to new digital formats.

Switchable digital filters:
The 970 SRC offers a choice between three independent digital filters with five different filter characteristics. These filters are: Standard filters, HDCD filters to play back HDCDencoded CDs with their extended resolution, Maximum Resolution filters can process input signals with a maximum resolution of 96kHz/24bit.

Switchable analog filters:
Two different analog filters are available. One has been optimized to absolute phase linearity; the other one is a completely new filter for a more “soft”, “warm” and analog sound with an excellent threedimensional stereo image.

Program mode:
Up to 20 selected combinations of digital and analog filters may be preprogrammed. These presets are also accessible via the remote control. Inputs and outputs: z Five digital inputs: Toslink, AES/EBU, 2xRCA, AT&T (ST)

Inputs and outputs:

  • Five digital inputs: Toslink, AES/EBU, 2xRCA, AT&T (ST)
  • Two digital outputs: RCA, Toslink
  • External clock output for pulse synchronization (Clock-link) with Burmester 969 / 979
  • Two analog outputs: -fixed balanced and unbalanced -variable balanced and unbalanced

All inputs have been insulated against static charges without making them slower.

Input selection:
With pushbuttons on the front panel.

Remote control function:
10V DC current output for switching Burmester Power Amplifiers on/off.

The volume level is displayed digitally (60 steps: 1-60). The selected configuration of inputs, filters and outputs is indicated by lit LEDs in the visual outline of the signal path on the front panel.

Signal inversion: The phase of the digital signal can be inverted by 180°.

  • Displays and controls on the front panel are arranged according to circuit subassemblies.
  • The signal flow is visually displayed on the front panel.
  • The location of data and/or operational status indicators in the graphical display corresponds to their location in the signal path.
  • At any operational state of the 970 SRC, the displays that are connected to the various control elements will indicate if the use of the particular control at this particular operational status is advised or even possible.
  • This arrangement allows you to recognize the selected signal path through the various circuit subassemblies with one glance. z The 970 SRC allows up to approx. 400 different functional settings (not all of which are useful or advisable).
  • Selected digital and analog filter combinations are programmable as presets.
  • Fully modular design makes the 970 SRC easily modifiable and upgradeable.
  • The design and the user interface on the front panel have been patented.

Technical specifications:
Converter: Weight: 28Kg (approx. 56 lbs.) Dimensions: 450 x 160 x 340mm (17.7 x 6.3 x 13.4 in.)
: Weight: 9Kg (approx. 18 lbs.) Dimensions: 482 x 95 x 285mm (19 x 3.75 x 11 in.)


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